I hate Monday's unless it has a 

'HEY' in front. 

Now you'll never be out of the loop on the fun activities that CassIsBadass will be doing over twitter! All activites will be done each night at 9pm est.

Sundays: Would You Rather: You guys pick the questions, then everyone gets to answer them! I'll pick the best 3 questions & tweet them, then you guys get to answer them!

Monday's: #becauseofheymonday: then you finish the sentence -9pm
                      #TeamHeyMonday: tweet me if you run a Hey Monday fansite today before 7pm est & I will give your team a shout out -7pm

Tuesday's: Share you're favorite Cassadee pictures with us, & I'll retweet them for everyone to see

Wednesday's: #TwitterTeamsDay today if you run a tweet for band or anyone, tweet me & I'll give you a shout out

Thursday's: #TriviaThursday: This is when you get to indulge yourself in some fun Hey Monday Trivia

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