I recently had the Honors of interviewing Cassadee’s sister Ashley Pope. Here’s what she had to say. 

CASSISBADASS: In a recent interview ‘Cass Is Badass’ did with Cassadee, she said you are her biggest inspiration, how does that make you feel?
ASHLEY POPE: Wow I did not know that.  I am truly honored.

2.  I can’t help but notice how close the two of you are, have you always been this close?
Yes we have. We never really fought much growing up like I know many sisters do.

3. What is your funniest sister story of you & Cassadee growing up?
Gosh there are so many, we were always so silly together. Recently though the funniest thing is that I always give her hiccups!  Just as she was leaving for her last tour, as she was walking out the door we laughed about something & there went the hiccups. HaHa.

4. What are some of the hardships in having your sister away from home so much. 
Holidays are always tough when she is not here & I miss our late night talks and laughs.

5. Who is your biggest hero or inspiration?
My hero is definitely my Mom, she is amazing. And even though she beat me to it I would have to say that Cass is my inspiration :)

6. What do you feel has been your greatest musical achievement in your musical career so far?
Hmm..probably winning National Supreme Honors  for my solo performance at the National HS chorus competition during my senior year.

7. I heard the song by The Silent Scene - State Lines & Street Signs that you were featured in, first off, it was amazing, is singing something we’ll see more of from you?
Aww thanks!  Hopefully, I love to sing. My boyfriend and I have talked about possibly starting a side project together sometime in the future.

8. Can you give us a break down of your musical background, when you started, are you able to play any instruments, are you in a band or have you ever been in one etc.
I started taking vocal lessons from  my voice coach Miss Marie Hardway ( she also taught Cass) when I was about 8 years old.  I performed at various festivals, for radio Disney events and I sang the national anthem at sporting events.  I actually did all of the back ground vocals for Cass when she first started out in bands. I play around on the guitar but I am by no means good enough to play in public.

9. Any chance of  you doing a duet with Cass or Hey Monday in the future? 
Haha that would be awesome. Cass and I used to sing a lot together when we were young, there is nothing like sister harmonies :)  She is so busy right now though that I don’t see that happening any time soon.

10. Is it really weird when people you don’t know talk to you or know you because of Cass?
Not really. It doesn’t happen as often as you would think.  Her fans are all so sweet & I enjoy meeting them.

11. Cassadee mentioned you have been coming out to visit more often when she’s on tour, where all have you gone with Cass & Hey Monday?
All of the Florida  shows of course and I have traveled to PA, Ohio, Cali and Vegas to see them play. I spent 3-4 days  out with her when they were on the Glamour Kills tour, it was a blast! Soo cool seeing what they do everyday behind the scenes and all.

12. Do you have any advice for kids who want to start singing?
Sing your heart out! Get a good vocal coach and learn to play an instrument early on. That is something that I really wish I would have done.

Huge thanks to Ashley for being a supporter of both her sister & our fan site :)



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