What is the meaning behind the Street Team Cass Is Badass?

 Cass Is Badass was just a twitter page created by a fan. It was made to show off my favorite photos of Cassadee & Hey Monday. Other fans showed a fast interest in the twitter, so I made a tumblr as an easier way to show pictures & It continued to blow up from there.

So what's the point in Cass Is Badass?

- Promote Cassadee and Hey Monday! The more people that know about the band the bigger they will get! Let's help them climb to the top.

- Give other fans a chance to show all the fans as well as Cassadee their photos & words. I re-blog & re-tweet fans tweets that deserve to be heard and/or seen.

- Follower count. Yes this does matter, again back to promoting & helping Hey Monday get the fame that they deserve. It's not a competition on who has the most followers, I support ALL Hey Monday teams that show the same support back!

- A way for all Hey Monday fans to come together and work as a 'team' to help promote Hey Monday.

- A way for all Hey Monday fans to interact & meet people who can relate to each other.

- 99% of the info or pictures are not originally posted by me. Hey Monday are the brains behind it & I won't take credit for any of it. Most of the things I post are tumblr blogs & 95% of the blogs are re-blogged from another site or source. 

- Supporting to all the other Teams & Fan Pages that also support Hey Monday. We're all one big family & we all help each other! (See Links page for all other fan pages)

- We're not about 'finding the information first' its not a competition. We're about re-posting and/or helping everyone in promoting the band.

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