Cass Is Bad Ass Games Schedule

This is our new schedule starting This Sunday. Times will vary. so be sure to read our tweets for the game times.

Scavenger Sunday - online scavenger hunt. first one to post the specific picture wins the point.

Jumble Monday - I’ll tweet a Hey Monday song with the lyrics all mixed up, first one to put the song back together wins the point.

Caption Tuesday - Picture Caption. Just for Fun. Share you’re funny Picture Captions on TwitPic for all Hey Monday Fans to read and laugh at :)

Cass Is Bad Ass Follow Wednesday - anyone who gets us 5 followers gets a point. the new follower must tweet us & tell us who sent them or the point doesn’t count.

Team Thursday - each thursday is a special follow team day. any team who tweets a shout out for us will get one in return. TEAMS ONLY

Follow Friday - send us a shout out, & we’ll send one out for you. ANYONE WELCOME

Fan Of The Week Saturday - fan to get us the most followers, who tweets us a lot, gives us lots of shout outs, participates in our games wins this.

Chat: I will also try & do a fan chat once a week with ALL Hey Monday Teams. ALL fans welcome. this will be done on AOL Instant Messenger. (AIM)

Points: will be given out for the scavenger hunt, 5 follows on wednesday & the song jumble.

if you have any questions please email me:

or you can reach me on twitter at:
or my personal twitter:


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