It’s really simple! I’m posting the details super early to give you guys some time to get creative! Here’s what you need to do!

Post the attached poster EVERYWHERE you can! over myspace, Twitpic it, use it as your facebook photo, anywhere your friends and Hey Monday fans-to-be will see it. If you feel really daring, you can print these out and post them around your town or hand them out as mini flyers. If you do, put the day Hey Monday is coming to your city on them. I’m counting on you to sell out your date of the tour.

Keep record of all the posters you paste around your city & online and report back to me!

Deadline will be:November 27th 2010

You have LOTS of time so lets make this contest count! Depending on how much you guys do to spread the word I may give more then one away!

email me if you have questions, & to send me your work to:

I didn’t realise how many of you want to meet me too! It made my day to see how many of you tweeted me asking me to come to the shows in your city! You guys are truely amazing <3 I’ll be hanging out before the show in Ft. Lauderdale Florida as well as Detroit Michigan & would love to meet all of you!!

Stay tuned for the contests I’ll be having in those cities! They will be the best contests yet!

Thanks for all your hard work & dedication team & I look forward to seeing all your entries <3