There's actually a "Cass is bad ass" Team Cassadee Pope street team twitter account. They have like a full blown website and a merch store.

Yeah, they're so awesome. I know. It's insane. It started out as just this girl that I met and she gave me this bracelet that said "Cass is bad ass" and I was like oh, that's so funny, 'cause I say that word a lot. I thought it was really cute that they came up with that. That's really all I thought about it, then I started getting so many tweets about it, and saw so many kids at shows telling me about it, and was like, "Wow, this is really a big thing." All of the fans that tweet me were suddenly like "Oh, your man made this site and this is amazing, you have to follow them" and I looked more into it and realized... it's developed so well. I know these kids are in school and they have chores probably and stuff and they still take the time to post every day. It's really cool. I'm really excited that that exists.

I feel like I almost learned more from that then I did from your MySpace page.

[Laughs]. Yeah, it's more personal. I do talk to this one girl... the main girl like direct messaging on twitter all the time, 'cause she asks me things. Since it's a fan twitter and a fan page and they're that devoted, I want them to have the right information and I provide that for them. They're so nice and it's so fun.